Friday, 21 October 2016

Hygge at Home

It's often said that Danes are among the happiest people in the world. The Danish culture has adapted to the winter months with Hygge. Hygge, pronounced "hooga", translates into a feeling rather than a single word - relaxing with friends over good food/wine, having created a cozy surrounding and atmosphere typically enhanced by fire or candlelight. As we step closer to winter and the temperature begins to cool down, we've looked into ways you can incorporate Hygge into your home. 

Instead of lighting a real fire, here we've placed an arrangement of candles and hurricanes inside the fireplace to create a similar feeling of warmth.


Incorporating natural materials like wood, leather, cashmere, wool and fur will help create authentic warmth, a log fire also helps obviously! 

Get the Look

1) Basic Pillar Candles from John Lewis - here
2) Reindeer Hide here
3) How to Hygge by Signe Johansen- here
4) Boucle Cashmere Cushion from De Le Cuona
5) Karma Cushion from Elitis
6) Cushion by Wickenden Hutley
7) Cashmere Blankets here
8) Cashmere Bed Socks from The White Company
9) Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Pans here
10) Feu de Bois candle from Diptyque
11) Log burning Stove from Chestney's
12) George Smith armchair designed by Wickenden Hutley
13) Drinking chocolate from Charbonnel et Walker
14) Kastehelmi Clear Cakestand here

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  1. Love it! Try these candles if you really would like the "Hygge" - coming from a Norwegian :-)